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Our standard treatment includes:

Complete Lawncare from Lawnrite - here's what we will do for you in detail

At Lawnrite we believe it is important to treat the lawn from the root upward. We don't simply apply our professional feeds to provide a cosmetic improvement, but our programme is designed to create a healthy plant and perfect growing environment for your lawn.

So, in addition to regular feeds, weed control and moss control, if needed, we provide a machinery treatment as a part of our programme.

Lawnrite are Independent and not part of a franchise so advice and products can be bespoke to your lawns needs.

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If reccomended your Machinery Treatment will be one of the following; 
  • Aeration - The removal of small plugs from your lawn. Aeration eases soil compaction, reduces sub-surface thatch and allows air, water and fertilizer to reach the grass roots more effectively. Lawnrite remove the cores from the surface of your lawn following the aeration process.
  • Scarification - The thinning out and removal of thatch and moss that has built up on the surface of the lawn. Scarification allows nutrients water and air to reach the root zone, and helps reduce the occurrence of lawn diseases.
Your Independent Lawnrite professional will recommend a machinery treatment for your lawn if its required. If you wish you may have additional machinery treatments carried out on your lawn in any year.

Lawn Health

Our programmes are designed to promote a healthy growing environment for your lawn, creating a weed free, moss resistant environment that is soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye.

In addition to our standard programme we provide the following services:
  • Disease Control
  • Seed Over-Sow
  • Pest Control
  • Mow Less
  • ✔ Hard Surface Moss &    Weed Control

Your Lawnrite Professional will recommend these additional services if they belieive they will be of benefit to the overall health of your lawn.


Lawnrite Feeds

We use the finest professional turf fertilizers to nourish your lawn. These feeds are not available domestically and are designed to release nutrients to the root zone over several weeks.

You will never have a more attractive lawn than a Lawnrite Lawn.

Leave the care of your lawn in the hands of the professionals at Lawnrite and enjoy a moss free, beautiful lawn all year around - guaranteed
Our fully trained professionals apply the right products in the right way at the right time - It's simple